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Bachelor of Arts in Business Technology Administration

S1020014The BA program is designed for students who want a basic education in the use of PC-based office information systems.  The BA degree is less technical in nature than the BS program and the focus of the courses is more on the user of office systems.

For successful completion of the degree, all students must satisfy the general education requirements that are explained in the UMBC Undergraduate Catalog.

Effective Fall 2013:  All Business Technology Administration majors must complete at least 9 upper level IS and Management courses taught by the IS department at UMBC.

For students who declared the major Fall 2012 or later, the required program courses for the Bachelor of Arts Degree are below.

For students who declared the major prior to Fall 2012, click here for the required program courses.

Information Systems
Mathematics and Statistics
Economics and English
  1. A grade of “C” or better is required in each course needed to fulfill the BA requirements.
  2. Students in the BA in BTA program cannot declare a double major with the BS in IS program.