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Ant Ozok’s Apprearance The Kojo Nnamdi Show

photo 2Dr. Ozok was featured on an expert panel as part of Tech Tuesday on the Kojo Nnamdi Show on WAMU 88.5. The show focused on the online banking technologies and the consequent advantages and disadvantages, as well as future prospects of the technologies. Dr. Ozok talked about the user experience and human-computer interaction aspects of the technologies. He indicated that while online banking allowed users a lot of conveniences such as 24-hour banking, no-frills loan applications and no waiting on the line, some users still refrain from using it due to its lack of human interaction which a lot of customers still prefer and its proneness to online fraud. Dr. Ozok indicated to ensure usability banks need to work with customers to ensure efficient, effective, and highly satisfactory online transactions. Dr. Ozok also indicated that to avoid fraud, users should never click on links that are present on e-mails purporting to be sent by their banks, and never provide their personal information (such as address and social security number) as well as account information (such as account numbers and balance amounts) to anyone online or on the phone. Finally, Dr. Ozok also indicated that the online technologies are transforming the banking industry and we will likely see fewer physical banking branches in the future.  Audio and Text Transcript available here.