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IS 721 Semi-Structured Data Management (Credits: 3)

Database Management Systems (DBMS) have been dominated by relational systems (RDBMS) for over 30 years. Due to changes in hardware, bandwidth, and use case, systems are changing. Multiple processors, gigabit network speeds, and the Internet as a platform for distributed systems are changing the way computing gets done. RDBMS is not being superseded, but many so-called ‘non-standard’ system architectures are now being developed and deployed for specific application classes. We will look at a developing category of such systems sometimes referred to as ‘NoSql’ systems that are becoming important for semi-structured information in web applications. We will cover current systems from conceptual and practical standpoints. We will read papers on representative systems and do simple programming against the databases. Students should have taken a relational database class, a programming class, and be familiar with elementary web development with html and javascript. Prerequisite: IS 651