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IS 498: Special topics in IS – Privacy Engineering


This mixed undergraduate- and graduate-level course examines the challenge of building software systems in compliance with privacy rights, policies, and regulations. Students taking this course will examine technologies, norms, guidelines, regulations, and other tools designed to address privacy problems. The course features in-class discussion of privacy challenges, including the ethical and legal foundations of privacy, the development of privacy-related technologies, and the comparative differences between American and European privacy legislation. Course topics include social networks, healthcare, surveillance, advertising technologies, mathematical definitions of privacy, usability concerns for privacy and security technologies, and privacy requirements analysis. This course requires students to apply, evaluate, and synthesize concepts from recent research in both group and individual writing projects. After completing this course, students will be able to integrate privacy, including legal, marketing, and regulatory concerns, into the software development lifecycle. Pre-requisites: IS300 and IS304

The course syllabus is based on this