CPT Approval Process

Please read the text below carefully and make sure you provide ALL the requested information to your advisor and the GPD when writing for CPT approval. Without all the information below, we are unable to give CPT approval.

International students who have obtained off-campus work, please follow this process for CPT:

1. Send the following information to your academic advisor and Graduate Program Director, GPD – GPD for IS is Dr. Sampath and GPD for HCC is Dr. Kleinsmith)

  • Your offer letter which lists your job responsibilities. If the offer letter doesn’t have job responsibilities listed, please provide supporting documentation, such as an email from a supervisor or a description of position which lists job responsibilities from their website.
  • An answer to the question: are you working as a GA/RA/TA with any unit on campus? If you are on an assistantship, you need to supply two more pieces of information:
    • the last date of assistantship contract
    • a forwarded email from your assistantship supervisor answering the question: “Does participation of student in CPT adversely impact their academic performance or their ability to fulfill their obligations as a GA?”
2. Apply at the ISSS portal as described here. You do not need to wait for approval from us after completing the first step to apply using the portal. Your advisor and the GPD will indicate their approval of CPT via the online ISSS portal.