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Minor in Information Systems

Effective 2013:  All upper level IS and Management courses used to satisfy these program requirements must be taught through the IS department at UMBC.

The IS minor consists of three required IS courses, a required programming course, and two IS electives. Course descriptions can be found in the Course Catalog.

The three required IS courses are:

  • IS 101 – Introduction to Computer-Based Systems OR COMP101 Computational Thinking and Design OR any IS upper-level elective.
  • IS 202 – Systems Analysis Methods
  • IS 300 – Management Information Systems

The student may choose one of the following for the programming course:

  • IS 125 – Information Systems Logic & Structured Design  OR  IS 147 – Introduction to Computer Programming

Plus two elective from the following list:

  • IS 303 – Human Factors in Computer System Design
  • IS 310 – Software and Hardware Concepts
  • IS 320 – Advanced Business Applications
  • IS 325 – Introduction to Management Science
  • IS 350 – Business Communications Systems
  • IS 387 – Information Architecture for the Web
  • IS 403 – User Interface Design
  • IS 430 – Information Systems and Security
  • IS 438 – Project Management
  • IS 460 – Health Care Informatics I


  1. The IS minor is not available to IS or BTA majors.
  2. CMSC 201 will be accepted as a substitute for IS 125 or 147 for students who are or were declared CMSC or CMPE majors.
  3. The IS minor constitutes 18 credits, including 9 upper-level credits.
  4. Some of the courses in the list of options have prerequisites that are not part of the minor.
  5. All courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.