Devin Price ’14, information systems

Devin Price ’14, information systems, is an information security professional, writer, educator, and thought leader with over 9 years of experience in the tech industry.

He received his master’s degree in management information systems from Bowie State University in 2021, and holds CISSP and CAPM certifications. He has worked in both startup and enterprise-level organizations, specializing in information security, cybersecurity, vulnerability management, and project and program management.

Various publications, such as the United States Cybersecurity Magazine, NowSecure, and the Microsoft MSRC Blog, have featured his thoughts. He has been recognized as a 2022 finalist in the “Cybersecurity 40 under 40” by Top Cyber News Magazine, is a current member of ForbesBLK, and is one of LinkedIn’s Top Community Voices in Information Security.

In preparation of his upcoming visit to campus, Price took the time to answer some questions about his time as a student, what visitors can expect from his presentation, and why it is important to never stop learning.


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Information Systems: Your parents, Lisa Price ’87, information systems and Dwayne Price ’87, information systems, are also alumni of UMBC and in the tech field. Did you always know this was the career path for you and UMBC is where you’d go to school?

Devin Price: I did not always know tech was the career path for me. Growing up, history was always my favorite subject in school. When I was 9 or 10, I watched the 1981 Steven Spielberg movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark, with my grandfather and instantly wanted to be an archaeologist. That lasted until 10th grade when I took chemistry. I made it through the class, but didn’t enjoy it much. I also learned that year that archaeologists needed to know chemistry in order to carbon date fossils or historical artifacts they might find on a dig site. After that, I realized that being an archaeologist was not for me anymore.

It wasn’t until senior year that I decided to give a career in tech some thought. My school required seniors to complete a year-long capstone project and my dad always encouraged me growing up that I would be good in tech. I ended up doing my senior capstone project on information technology and fell in love with the subject. The rest, as they say, is history.

I also did not always know that UMBC is where I would attend school. My parents met at UMBC, so growing up, they talked about their experience there a lot. However, until I settled on a career in tech, I was not interested in going to the same college. Once I realized that I wanted a career in tech as a senior AND that UMBC had a good information systems program, it was kind of a no-brainer from that point for me.

Information Systems: What are some of your fondest memories as a student at UMBC?

Devin Price: My fondest memories as a student at UMBC was playing Super Smash Bros with my roommates on a Nintendo 64 late into many a school night. I also enjoyed being able to hangout with so many people who were around the same age group as me. As an adult, I did not realize how rare that is after college. Having everything I needed within a 5-minute walk (i.e. class, food, friends, gym, etc.) was heaven! And the meal plan. I LOVED being on UMBC’s “Ultimate” meal-plan.

I will always remember the ITE building as one of the nicest buildings on campus. I loved having the majority of classes in that building.

Information Systems: In addition to your upcoming talk with Information Systems students, you recently participated in an alumni and networking event during University of Maryland Baltimore County’s 2024 Engineering and Computing Week. Why is it important for you to continue giving back to UMBC and our students?

Devin Price: First, a ton of credit for that goes to my parents, especially my dad. My dad has been a pretty consistent supporter of UMBC’s IT/IS program for years. Since I graduated in 2014, he has been encouraging me to find ways to “pay it forward” to younger Retrievers. So the opportunity for Engineering and Computing Week came together at a great time where I had some slack in my schedule.

Second, in late 2022, my wife and I welcomed our first-born son. Fatherhood has definitely affected how I think about the legacy I want to leave not just as a dad, but also in other areas of my life.

Third, giving back to UMBC is a great way to ensure future and current students who are interested in technology have someone they can bounce ideas/concerns off of. There is nothing like talking to someone who has already gone through what you are thinking about doing.

Information Systems: The title of your presentation is “From Campus to Corporate: A UMBC Graduate’s Guide to Conquering Cybersecurity,” can you provide a little preview of what you’ll be sharing with our students?

Devin Price: Here are some of the main points I’ll be covering:

  • My journey in tech and cybersecurity: I’ll share how I got interested in this field, what I studied at UMBC, and what kind of work experience I gained along the way after leaving the university.
  • My current experience at Microsoft: I’ll talk about my first year as a security program manager at one of the world’s leading tech companies
  • Tips to succeed in information security: I’ll offer some practical advice on how to learn more about this industry, how to decide what area of cybersecurity interests you, how to obtain relevant certifications, and how to network and apply for InfoSec jobs
  • Q&A session: I’ll answer questions students may have about cybersecurity, career development, or anything else related to my presentation

One tip to succeed for those in the Information Systems and Cybersecurity fields is to never stop learning. Make a decision in your mind that as an InfoSys or cyber student/professional, you will become a forever student of your craft. If you are always learning, you are always in mode to improve and become better and better.

Another pointer I would give is to find a community group of like minded individuals. A career in tech, information systems or cybersecurity, can be difficult at times. Having a community of people to pick you up, network with, and share thoughts on what is going on in the industry is crucial for your long-term career growth.

Information Systems: You are currently a Security Technical Program Manager at Microsoft, can you talk a little bit about what your day-to-day looks like and what your role entails?

Devin Price: As a security technical program manager at Microsoft, my role entails triaging, investigating, managing, and documenting security and privacy vulnerabilities that are reported by external researchers against any Microsoft product or service. I also drive product and services security and privacy response processes within agreed upon internal SLAs, protecting billions of customers in the process.

Day-to-day, I am normally context-switching between one of five tasks: (1) managing the end-end lifecycle of external vulnerability reports, (2) managing external researcher communication and expectations, (3) partnering with Microsoft Engineering to drive the resolution of security and privacy vulnerabilities, (4) participating in security incident response operations when necessary, and (5) leading cross-collaboration projects that will optimize/automate the processes of the previous four tasks for my team

Information Systems: You are also an active participant of ForbesBLK, what is the mission of this group and how did you first get involved with the group?

Devin Price: The mission of ForbesBLK (bee-el-kay) is to champion a global community of Black entrepreneurs, professionals, leaders and creators that are driving systematic change in business, culture and society. Our community of exceptional leaders of color are focused on breaking down barriers, creating more equitable economies, and driving a new culture of connection, collaboration and change.

I got involved in the group through word of mouth on LinkedIn in August 2023. I had a lot of colleagues who started to join the community so I decided to join them and be part of the new movement.

Information Systems: In addition to ForbesBLK, Microsoft, visiting with students at UMBC and Bowie State, you also host The Talking Tech Podcast. How did you come up with the idea for the podcast and what have been some of the highlights thus far?

Devin Price: Someone else actually gave me the idea for the podcast. Two people, to be precise. I have a habit of reaching out to other professionals for “virtual coffee chats” from time to time. To respect their time, I always try to come with 4-5 detailed questions to guide the conversation. One week, two people I talked to, who did not know each other, both commented on how detailed my questions were and asked if I had ever considered starting a podcast. Until that point I had not. So later that week, I got started. A little less than two years later, I am still going!

Probably the number #1 highlight of the podcast so far was interviewing my first guest. He was a bodily injury adjuster who was interested in pivoting into the tech space. I started the podcast with him to give him a platform to show his skills and help him land a job as a sales engineer. While I can’t take credit for his success, I was happy that six months after coming on the podcast, he landed his first role in tech as an Associate Sales Representative at Cisco. Getting to be a small part of his tech journey was special.

Connect with Devin Price on LinkedIn.

Please join us Wednesday, March 6 at 12pm in ITE 239 for Devin’s presentation. Pizza and snacks will be available.