IS 733 Data Mining (Credits: 3)

The purpose of this course is to provide a comprehensive discussion on using organizational databases to enable decision support through warehousing and mining of data. This course will provide an in depth understanding of the technical, business, and research issues in each of these two areas. Issues in data warehousing include designing multi-dimensional data model, cleansing and loading of data, determing refresh cycles and methods, administrative aspects of running a data warehouse including efficient data retrieval using bitmap and join indexes, reporting, ad hoc querying, and multi-dimensional operations such as slicing, dicing, pivoting, drill-down, and roll-up operations. Areas with data mining will include justifying the need for knowledge recovery in databases, data mining methods such as clustering, classification, Bayesian networks, association rules, and visualization. New areas of research and development in data mining warehousing will also be discussed. Prerequisite: IS 620.