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2015 Annual IS Student Research Poster Contest

Congratulations to the Winners:

Completed Research Track:

First place: Ahmad Alaiad
Second place: William Easley, Cailing Dong (a tie)
Third place: H M Sajjad Hossain

Work-in-progress Track:

First place: Tao Ding
Second place: Aswini Baskaran, Kevin Daniel (co-authors)
Third place: Benjamin Houdeshell

Time: April 16 (Thursday), 2015, 2:30pm – 5:00pm

Place: Hallway on the 4th Floor of the ITE Building

Participant qualifications: The lead author of a poster must be a graduate or an undergraduate IS, HCC, or BTA student who has conducted the research work.

Three submission tracks:

  • Graduate completed research track (gcp): Completed work should solidly demonstrate significant theoretical development, sound research design, pertinent data collection methods, appropriate data analyses and results, and findings that advance our state of knowledge. The poster can be based on a student’s doctoral dissertation, Master’s thesis, independent study, or course project.
  • Graduate work-in-progress track (gwip): This track is intended to encourage presentation of research that is not completed but might be of significant interest to the IS research community. The work-in-progress should contain significant theory or concept development, artifact design or hypotheses development, method/experiment design and a data analysis/evaluation plan. Some preliminary evidence demonstrating the feasibility and efficacy of the artifacts/hypotheses would be preferred.
  • Undergraduate research track (ugr): Undergraduate students may present either completed or work-in-progress research based on their honors research or other course projects.


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