NSF CAREER Award Winners

CAREER Awards are among the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) most prestigious. They are awarded to pre-tenure faculty who show promise in research and education, along with the potential to become leaders at their institutions.

Our department is proud to have five CAREER awardees in our faculty.


Dr. Jianwu Wang

Title: Big Data Climate Causality Analytics

Amount: $542,294

Year: 2020


Dr. Nirmalya Roy

Title: Scalable and Adaptable Cross-Domain Autonomous Health Assessment

Amount: $550,316

Year: 2018


Dr. Helena Mentis

Title: Collaborative Image Manipulation and Annotation in Surgical Telemedicine

Amount: $518,121

Year: 2016


Dr. Carolyn Seaman

Title: Information Sources for Software Maintenance

Amount: $229,994

Year: 2000